RV Window Leaks: You’ve Got Foggy Windows—Now What?

Your RV windows are starting to fog. At first this might not seem like a big deal. After all, you can still see well enough to drive. But what you might not understand is that if you don’t take care of this your RV  window problem now, the fog will spread in between the double-paned glass. This means you won’t be able to see. The problem won’t clear up on its own.

With reduced visibility, you can’t stay safe.

Unfortunately, if you call the manufacturer, they’ll offer to solve your problem by replacing the windows at a high cost.

At RV Roof Repair Florida, we’ve got a better solution!

Fix Your Window Leak Now!



Fix the Sealant Before Replacing RV Windows

Instead of jumping right in for a costly window overhaul, call us first. We promise to find your leak and fix it right. With 30 years of experience in the RV industry, we offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

At RV Roof Repair Florida, we believe a good leak is one you can find. We’ll find it and fix it the right way the first time which will save you time and money.


Why Your RV Windows Are Foggy

Most likely your window is foggy because your sealant failed. This is most likely due to a tiny hole, leak, or crack in the rubber sealant. This allows moisture to seep through those cracks.

Seals break for many reasons. As a window ages, the sealant breaks down with normal wear and tear. The sealant can also break due to improper drainage around the window. The bottom of the window traps water. This further erodes the sealant.

Sun plays an important factor in sealant deterioration, too. Each time your windows get direct sunlight, your panes expand and contract due to a process called, “solar pumping.” With all the movement of the RV rumbling down the road along with the sun, wind and rain, the sealant can begin to break down. Double pane windows have insulated airspace between the two glass panels complete with desiccant. The desiccant absorbs moisture. Eventually the desiccant in between the argon panels can’t absorb any more water. Water droplets remain suspended in air. As a result, your windows look foggy, milky or streaky. The milky color is from calcium deposits.


RV Windows: How We’ll Fix Your Foggy Windows The Right Way

Now that your RV window are foggy, you might be tempted to replace the window panes. This is costly. You’ll be stunned at the price to replace your windows. Most likely, they won’t just sell you one. They’ll want you to buy an entire set and it’ll take up to six weeks to get the windows delivered to you.

Instead, we recommend focus on removing the window panes and replacing the sealant.

Since we eliminate the cause of all RV leaks, we have often found that what seals your RV tends to be a huge problem when it’s not done right.

We know firsthand that the sealant is incredibly important. After all, you wouldn’t be in this mess if it weren’t.

To fix the problem, first we’ll remove the screws on all sides of the window frame that hold your window in place. Then, we’ll remove the window.

Then we’ll stretch the frame a little and pop out the glass from the frame.

We’ll remove the glass inserts from the frame and then break the silicon seal separating the two window panes.

The seal is separated from the glass before splitting the dual pane window in two.

A sharp knife removes the rubber sealant. It’s not always necessary to remove it. Since there’s lots of dirt, it’s smart to remove it. This ensures a better seal.

The windows are cleaned with a high pressure soapy rinse. Then they’re dried and sealed back together with clear silicone.

We’ll also check to make sure there’s no additional water damage on the coach, before scraping any sealant residue away from the motor home.

To reinstall the window, we’ll stretch butyl tape around the frame.

We’ll remove the back tape and then seal it to the camper.

We’ll be extra diligent on the corners to prevent future leaks.

We reinstall the window by screwing the frame into the camper.

Finally, we’ll peel off the extra butyl tape without gouging the sealant.

You’ll be leak free and back on the road in no time.

  Fix Your Window Leak Now!