Your RV rooftop air conditioner is acting up again and the brutal Florida summer heat is difficult to relieve when you step in the cabin.  Rumble your RV in to RV Roof Repair Florida. It doesn’t matter if it’s your Coleman, Gree, LG, Mach, Dometic or whatever brand has your loyalty.  We’ve got you covered.

There's no need to suffer the Florida heat.  We can repair or replace your RV rooftop air conditioner.

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But what if you might not be ready to call in reinforcements? We get it.

Check out these 3 tips below for keeping your RV or camper cooler in the hot summer. You may be able to keep your interior more comfortable just by making a few adjustments.


3 Tips For Keeping Your RV Or Camper Interior Cooler

First, it’s smart to make sure your shades are shut when you’re not using your camper. This helps block the sun’s rays which helps your cabin stay cooler.

Second, consider installing a reflective vent insulator. It’s just a big enough spot to allow the sun to penetrate which can make your cabin feel blistering. When you install the vent insulator, make sure to put the reflective side up. Then, pop it in the opening.

Third, consider installing LED lights in your coach. LEDs heat up to 70 degrees. Incandescent bulbs burn much hotter. Less heat from the bulbs means less heat in the cabin. LEDS also pull less power which leaves more for your rv air conditioning unit.


RV Rooftop Air Conditioner Not Running?  Try This!

When you come to RV Roof Repair Florida, we’ll check your air conditioner’s power supply, your air flow, and your usage. Most of the time, we find the issue isn’t with the air conditioner itself. This is good news and bad. It’s good because many issues we encounter are small. It’s bad because these small issues often aren’t covered under warranty.

Begin by checking your power. Your rooftop RV air conditioner won’t run off your battery. So, plug it in, check the breakers, and make sure nothing tripped.

It takes 30 amps to run one rv rooftop air conditioner. That said, if you’re running on 30, you’re going to have to cut out running your water heater, microwave, and fridge when you’re AC is running. Otherwise, you’ll trip the breaker.

If you’ve got two air conditioners, you’ll need 50 amps or a generator. As a rule of thumb, you’ll need 4,000 watts to run one air conditioner and 5,500 watts to run two. It may be useful to get a surge guard. It will cut power when it signals low voltage. A surge guard protects your air conditioner and your electrical equipment.

If you’ve got three or more air conditioners in your RV but you’re running on a 50-amp service, it may be useful to have a power management system. That’ll make it so two air conditioners run simultaneously. This way you won’t overpower your coach.

It’s wise to quit running your rooftop air conditioner and your other appliances at the same time. Why? It can wreck the entire air conditioning unit.


RV Rooftop Air Conditioner Still Not Working?
Check the DC Power and Thermostats

Then, check your 12-volt DC power. Your air conditioner is a 110 to 120-volt appliance but the 12-volt DC powers the thermostat.

Check the fuse box to make sure it’s not blown.

If that’s working right, go on to check the battery to make sure it has enough juice.

Check the thermostats. If you’ve got a digital thermostat, make sure that’s lighting up green. For an analogue one, remove the cover to check it with a meter. If there’s power running, it’ll get up to the right temperature.


RV Rooftop Air Conditioner Stuck? Check for Critters

After that, check your air flow by removing your air conditioner’s shroud and check for birds, spiders and mud daubers. These critters often make nests in the units. They’ll cut your air flow.

No pests but still a problem? You may have cracked fin on the back of your air conditioning unit. This can happen for all sorts of reasons like hail or storm damage.


RV Rooftop Air Conditioner Not Working: Soap Does the Trick

Finally, if that checks out, see if the air filter is dirty. If so, that’s an easy spot fix with soap and water.

These problems sound like they’re no big deal but bird nests, wasp nests, and dirty air filters limit the air flowing over your condenser. This means can it seize up. If your condenser is frozen, you won’t get any air flow until it thaws.


What’s the Best RV Rooftop Air Conditioner? The One That Works!

If you can’t get your air conditioner fixed on your own, bring it in. We’ll do it for you.

At RV Roof Repair Florida, we have 30 years of experience working with Coleman, Gree, LG, Mach, Dometic and more.

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