RV Roof Sealant: At Never Leak RV Roofing, we know what causes all RV roof leaks. We’ll eliminate the root cause of the problem so your RV will never leak again. We often tell our customers that the problem isn’t their roof that’s causing the leak. Rather it’s the rv roof sealant that’s to blame. There’s a good chance your self-leveling caulking is problem.

We have two sure-fire rv roof sealant solutions: We can do a simple RV roof repair or we can do a far superior option.

If you want us to simply repair the hole that’s creating the leak, then we’ll climb on your roof to inspect it. We’re looking for tears which can be repaired with a patch kit, as well as making sure the self-leveling caulking doesn’t have cracks in it.

A great way to check the caulk is to push down on it with a hard object and try to make an indentation. The indentation means the caulk is pliable. If it doesn’t indent, then we know the caulk needs spot sealed with self-leveling caulk. This solves the problem. However, when we’re repairing your small areas, you’re getting a short-term rv roof sealant fix without a long-term warranted solution.

While we’re on your roof, we’re also checking for soft spots. Soft spots mean that the plywood beneath the roof has soaked up water. In our experience, we’ve found that nine out of every 10 roofs we work on needs carpentry work because water has significantly damaged the plywood. In many cases it’s in such poor condition that you’ll need to replace your entire roof. Rather than spot fixing your roof, we recommend a far more beneficial solution: reseal the entire roof.

At Never Leak RV Roofing, we love Superior RV Liquid Rubber Roofing as our go-to RV Roof Sealant.

Here’s why: When you want us to reseal your roof using Superior RV Liquid Rubber Roofing, we’ll first clean your roof with soap and water. When we’re washing, we’re also inspecting for any holes, rips or tears that could allow water to get into your RV. As you know, even the tiniest hole can cause significant problems. After washing your roof, we let it dry completely.

Instead of spot fixing the holes with patch kits and self-leveling caulk, it’s much better to apply Superior RV Liquid Rubber Roofing.

It’s the perfect rv roof sealant for transition seams, holes and any little breach that would allow moisture to creep in. Think of it like your rubber membrane and caulk all-in-one. We’re careful to apply the rv roof sealant to your EPDM Rubber Roofing because, if not, it could bubble and we want to give you a permanent fix that comes with a warranty.

We love Superior RV Liquid Rubber Roofing because it’s one and done. We love that there’s no primer or taping involved but you’ll love it because not only does it have 1900 psi tensile strength and 800% elongation and it also has a 15-year product guarantee.

This means it will outlast and outperform all other rv roof sealants. Plus it will work regardless of the circumstances: this rv roof sealant resists hail and it’s 90% solar heat reflective, and even at -70 ºF, it remains flexible.

Superior RV Liquid Rubber Roofing is so well made we don’t have to apply a UV protectant. It’s an all-in-one product that replaces so many others.