So, you recently bought your RV. You and your partner love traveling throughout the United States in your new camper. And you enjoy spending your winters at your RV camp in Florida. Recently, there was a heavy rainstorm when you noticed a leak coming from the side of your camper.

The next day, you climb to your camper’s roof to inspect where the leak is coming from and you notice it doesn’t seem to be the roof. Instead, it appears that the seams aren’t secure and are allowing water into your RV.

You know that you need to have your camper roof repaired. So you call us at RV Roof Repair Florida to mend your trailer roof.

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  • Lifetime Limited Warranty


You know that your camper’s roof has a warranty on it, but did you know that the lap sealant or self leveling caulking that keeps moisture out isn’t warranted?

Granted, you see that you need to inspect your roof many times a year—but you may forget or get busy, and this chore slips your mind. Then you notice water coming down the walls of your camper, and when that happens, extensive damage has already occurred.

Regular RV Roof Inspections Needed

When you’re a new RV owner, you may not think that you need your roof inspected, but you should check your RV roof on a regular basis to make sure the seams are tight and that the roof’s liner isn’t damaged.

Even with a dealer’s warranty on your RV roof, the rubber seal can crack and leak within six months, and it’s not under warranty. Your dealer and we, at RV Roof Repair Florida, recommend you check your roof every six months because the liner can loosen or break from the seams.

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When you hire us at RV Roof Repair Florida, you know that you’re getting excellent service. We’ll inspect your entire roof to make sure that there are no leaks—including around the air conditioning and vent caps.

At RV Roof Repair Florida, you have three choices when it comes to repairing your RV roof:

  1. Partial camper roof repair: A partial roof repair only fixes the area where the seam was loose. This type of repair doesn’t come with a warranty and is a short-term fix.
  2. RV rubber roof repair: We’ll only replace the damaged part of your roof, but we’ll coat and seal your entire roof with our RV Roof Direct coating. The sturdy rubber membrane can handle the jostling of road travel and severe weather as well as reduces your RV’s roof temperature to keep your camper cooler. Better yet, this product comes with a warranty.
  3. RV roof replacement: When we, at RV Roof Repair Florida, replace your entire camper’s roof, we’ll take off the old roof, seal it with our RV roof coating and put on a new roof. This service comes with a Lifetime Warranty.


So, what can you expect when you set up an appointment with RV Roof Repair Florida? If you come to our Palm city Service Center, you’ll get a free in-person inspection.

If we find that you do need a roof repair or replacement, you can stay in your RV. At our service centers, we’ve hook-ups available for plumbing and electricity. Plus, we’ll put a tarp over your RV during the repair and replacement process to protect you.

It takes us about one week to fix your roof. Additionally, we’ll take pictures of the entire roof repair process—from the time we inspect your roof to the final steps in the repair process.

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  1. The entire repair process takes two to three days.
  2. It starts with a roof inspection.
  3. In most cases, we find damage. So we’ll disassemble the damaged area and completely repair it.
  4. After we fix your roof, or if we didn’t notice any roof damage, we’ll first seal your roof’s seams and coat it with our RV roof coating. The rubber portion of the roof takes three hours to dry.
  5. Then we put on a second coat of our roof liner. The second application takes another 24 hours to completely dry.
  6. The next day, we’ll put on your repaired roof, and you can be on your way.

Our warranty ranges from 20 years to the lifetime of your RV.

At the end of the 20-year warranty, we’ll reapply our rubber roof coating to your camper to extend your warranty for an additional 20 years.

Our rubber coating eliminates your need to check your camper’s roof every few months. Instead, you’ll notice better results, a longer roof life and a better warranty. Best of all, you’ll never have to inspect it again.

At RV Roof Repair Florida, our owner has 30 years of building experience, including RVs, as well as residential and commercial construction. We’re also certified through the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association to repair and replace travel trailers.

If you want your RV roof to be inspected and repaired by Expert RV Roofers, contact us today at 1-888-306-8886 or fill out our contact form.

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